In addition to our beautiful and very tasty cakes and cupcakes we are expanding our celebration confectionary range to include SAVOURY and SWEET PLATTERS!  Plus! we now also offer TOP QUALITY PARTY BOXES for kids’ parties!   

We will be only too pleased to receive your enquiries in this regard!

Ingredients & Flavours

All our cakes and cupcakes are made using only real butter, fresh farm eggs, imported Madagascan vanilla and the finest quality cocoa and chocolate. They are the very best quality, deliciously moist, tasty, and always freshly baked when they reach you.

Cupcake and cake base flavours are as follows:

  • VANILLA / CHOCOLATE  all with matching buttercream
  • CARAMEL with crunchy caramel biscuit in between layers with matching buttercream icing
  • LEMON with matching buttercream icing
  • RED VELVET with buttercream  frosting
  • CARROT CAKE with buttercream frosting or cream cheese frosting in cooler weather
  • CHAI SPICE with cream cheese frosting in cooler weather or spice flavour buttercream icing
  • FRUIT CAKE fondant icing (only cakes available).

Icing flavours are as follows:

  • The traditional Vanilla Buttercream or Chocolate Buttercream
  • Caramel or caramel flavoured buttercream icing
  • Chai spice buttercream icing
  • Cream cheese frosting in cool weather
  • Lemon (Very light green)
  • Peach (pastel yellow)
  • Berry flavour buttercream icing (pastel pink / pastel blue / pastel lilac)
  • Cachous (any colour)
  • Grape (pastel lilac)
  • Bubblegum (any colour)
  • Tuti Fruti (any colour)
  • Oreo (white chocolate icing with Oreo bits and topped with a piece of Oreo cookie)